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Gravity Deer Feeder Testimonials


When the Double "D" (Deer Dinner)  gravity deer feeder was born, the whitetail deer herd at Wilderness Calls flourished and multiplied.  Hundreds of pictures of deer were obtained with the game camera and then the Wise Old Redneck Guru decided to share this great gravity deer feeder with other hunters and deer management programs.  The Guru can tell you how great this feeder works, but I have learned that the best testimonial is by the deer themselves.  This page will be totally dedicated to the whitetail deer that enjoys the Double "D" gravity deer feeder.  All the pictures and testimonials on this page will be from individuals that have obtained a Double "D" gravity deer feeder and forwarded their success to the Wise Old Redneck Guru.



It only took about a week to get a picture of em eatin out of it.

They went through about a 100 lbs of feed in 8 days.

Excellent design!  Thanks Guru!!!


David Clyburn

Warner Robins, GA

























Annett located in Ga. has these pictures of a couple of her young bucks eating out of the Original Double "D" feeder.





I have seen my feed consumption cut in half since I went to the Double D feeders and plan to change all my feeders out in the near future.  I had deer eating out of the three Double D feeders within a couple of days.  What I have not had eating out of them are hogs and coons.


Great Job Guru


Denis Almond

Eustis Florida

Feeder located in Randolph Co. Ga.